The benefits of animation videos compared to regular videos

We often hear from interested customers and entrepreneurs that they hesitate to view an animated video: Ordinary videos are colorful, emotional and you can show products and services “live”. But you can do all this with animated or cartoon video. What matters is what you follow and what you ultimately want to convey to the viewers. In addition, animation videos still have other advantages, which ordinary video can not offer.

TOP 7 in animated videos:

1. Animation is timeless and has a long life cycle?

No matter whether it’s a cheap or an expensive movie spot: An old movie, for example, 70’s, is simply outdated and will not be shown again. Even the videos from the 90s are already “old school”. Animation videos, however, are timeless, and if any video is outdated, you can edit it later.

2. Visually more impressive

Whenever information floods from everywhere, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to convey the right messages. In ordinary films, as well as in real life, we receive too much: different messages at visual level: signs, advertisements, advice, people, traffic etc. The human being is overwhelmed by all the visual information flood and can only internalize a small percentage of all information. The animation, on the other hand, can convey a simple and focused message to the viewer, the story being transmitted better and more clearly.

3. Cheaper production cost

Animation video does not produce any shooting costs that can be very big: actors’ wages, filmmaking, and authorizations that are needed at a particular location. In addition, expensive scenes of ordinary films such as explosions, helicopter flights or operational scenes can be implemented easily and advantageously with animation.

4. Abstract ideas are easier to explain

Especially when it comes to a corporate video, which includes process descriptions and complex structures or background information about technology, science or IT.

Animation can be used to describe abstract processes more clearly than in a standard film using different shapes, colors, phases, numbers etc.

5. Statistics and graphics can be explained better

If you want to include facts and figures on your business video, it’s really difficult to do in a real movie. Nothing is as glamorous as the powerful figures presented as clear images in dynamic and emotional animation.

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6. It can be changed afterwards

In addition to what was said before, there are, of course, many other reasons why companies want to change their videos afterwards. The company’s new name, change in product or add to product lines, new languages, or new business appearance may be reasons for the necessary changes afterwards. All these changes can easily be achieved with an animated video.

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7. Animated video is more international

If you’ve seen Asian basketball movies or Russian ads you know for sure what we mean. The appearance, clothing, and location of actors reflect a lot of location and local culture. This may be great, but if you want to win and convince your customers at international level, it may be an obstacle. With animation videos you can create neutral characters and objects and talk to as many cultures as you like.

Naturally, even the usual videos have their own good sides and they are also certainly effective in marketing. But ultimately it all depends on your goals, your intentions and your values you want to convey, as well as your budget that you are willing to spend on video marketing.