Video marketing: This is how you market your business video and create a viral effect

Are you planning your own business video or explanation video for your product and brand? Or have you already produced a video and are now looking for a good marketing strategy?

In this case, it is important that your video is carefully designed, your video is talking to your target audience, and your message is conveyed in a way that clarifies it well. Additionally, you must rely 100% on your video.

Video production is only the basis for video marketing. Then the video must still conquer the world!

Once you’ve got a complete explanation video or business video, you can start distributing it. Marketing costs and video marketing costs may seem endless. You can, however, already have small means of creating great effects that spread through the viral effect. Distribute your message at any location and thus acquire customers on your web site, product or service.

Below you will find helpful expert tips that can help you grow and gain new customers through the viral effect of your video marketing.

1. Share the video in social media // Virtual word-of-mouth propaganda

– Explanatory Videos in social media profiles: Put your video next to social media profiles under “About” or “Videos”.

– Explanatory Videos as releases: Next, you can post your new video status as an upgrade to your fans and followers. Write a short description for the video and download the video to Facebook. You can also link a video link to YouTube or any other video portal. In any case, downloading a video is also sensible in the SEO technical sense, as downloading an explanation video to Facebook gets you a better search result on Google and other search engines. You can also publish a YouTube link later.

– Optimizing video preview:Facebook allows you to select a preview image for your video. Please choose a picture that looks like a character that looks like you. It has been noted that such images are the best for customers’ interest. Your Facebook fan can now watch, comment, and share the video.

– Commenting and adding links:Stay active and comment on other Facebook users’ releases. This will get your site attention and it is more likely that your video will spread quickly online. Try to build a great Facebook community.

– Facebook Ads: You can add your business video to Facebook as a target-oriented ad, so that new “not-yet-fans” will also get acquainted with your business.

2. Share your video on different video portals

Download your videos to as many video portals as possible: YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Google loves when the same content is published on many different sites. This will improve your search result on Google and other search engines.

3. Place your product video at a central location on your sales page

Enter the landing page where you integrated your page as the first contact. The landing page style and targeted communication depends on what goals you have on the video and what kind of call-to-action you have included in the video. For example, if you have the product you want to advertise with. Include good sales arguments and prompts in the video: “Buy the best quality now!” Add the video link to the product page and the shopping cart.

4. Create your own YouTube channel and group

– YouTube is still the most popular video portal and Google’s second largest search engine. If you want to be found, you must be on YouTube and actively work there.

– If you do not yet have your own YouTube channel, you can create a channel and download all of your videos and personalize your profile. You can create a background image of your company?s logo, add the color of your business and upload a profile image.

– The popularity of your videos is defined by the number of followers, comments and likes. So you should stay active and interact with your fans. The best thing is to create a fanbase that will share your video. Answer the comments of your fans. You

can also comment on other videos and subscribe to other YouTube channels. This will also give you more publicity for your video.

5. Stay active and ask for opinions

You can request praise, criticism, or comment for your friends or advertisers on Facebook, Twitter and email. This not only raises attention but also creates live and interactive communication with your customers and audiences.

6. Update your statuses on social media profiles

In portals like LinkedIn, Skype or Facebook, you can change your status. For example, you might want to write: “Here is our new video for our company – click here …”.

7. Online Marketing with Online QR Codes for Video Marketing

Please add your video to your next business card. Categories QR Code and Print this business card. Any smartphone can then quickly access your commentary video. QR codes are also available in color and integrated images. The free QR code provider is, for example,

8. Send your videos via email

Use email marketing, for example, using Creamailer, and categorize mass emails or automated emails that are automatically sent to potential customers as a greeting message with your video. Once you’ve set up email marketing, everything runs smoothly without further action.

9. Give your explanation video as a gift

You can use your video as marketing material for your customers and business partners in events, workshops, fairs or conferences. You can give the video as a thank you gift, for example, on a USB stick.

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